Documentary updates

Not long until will leave Belgium and head South. We are incredibly excited, slightly daunted, but most importantly we’re READY to face the challenges that the ice and the ocean hold in store for us. 

For the documentary we have all the camera equipment in place. For those in the know: we will be shooting with the incredibly compact but powerful Sony A7Sii, which we’ve paired with two gorgeous glasses: a vintage 50mm Mammyia + Metabones Adapter, as well as one of Sony’s highest rated wide angle zoom lenses (G Series FE 16-35mm F2.8) to capture Antarctica’s breathtakingly vast landscape. To keep the glare out of our footage we’ve invested in one of the best filters out there, the BW variable ND filter.

So with all the best gear on our side, we’re now working closely with our director to put it to its best use and potential.

More updates soon!


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