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Brrrrr! Water temperatures of 1°C welcomed us at every jump. From the
protected shallow bottoms of Melchior Islands, to the brash ice fields
in Neko Harbour and the clear rich waters of this old scour dip where we
just anchored in Useful Island, Thomas, Charlene and me (Francesca) have
been diving through very different conditions, always adjusting our
diving profiles and safety measures, and often adjusting the sampling
methods. Video transects, hand picking of animals for trophic ecology,
biodiversity and genomics, sediment cores collection for soft sediment
biodiversity and biogeochemistry…lots is going on below the bubbles on
the surface! We dove every working day since we arrived here, the
presence of a wandering leopard seal only delayed one dive in Neko
Harbour but until now we only had the company of playful penguins during
our tasks. We to date completed 14 successful dives, and collected about
100 #ID samples! Woop-woop! Nothing can stop us…just the icebergs! B121
diving team rocks folks! More details soon on our diving work…bubbles
back to you all -Francesca

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