The full report of the Belgica121 expedition is available for download here. We give a full review of our activities during the expedition and publish a set of preliminary results.

This report is under a Creative Commons Attribution International (CC-BY) 4.0 License. It is intended to be widely shared in the spirit of the Antarctic Treaty, Art. III.1.c.

Please cite the cruise report as follows:

Danis, B., Christiansen, H., Guillaumot, C., Heindler, F., Houston, R., Jossart, Q., Lucas, K., Moreau, C., Pasotti, F., Robert. H., Wallis, B., Saucède, T., 2019. Report of the Belgica 121 expedition to the West Antarctic Peninsula. 96 pp.

The diving report is also available for download. The diving reports gives all details about SCUBA operations during the B121 expedition.

Please cite the diving report as follows:

Pasotti, F., Guillaumot, Saucède, T., Danis, B., 2019. Diving Activity Report: Scientific diving mission along the Gerlache Strait (West Antarctic Peninsula) . 7 pp.