Team ROV is ready to go!

After a full year of training, I am very excited to bring the ROV to Antarctica and finally explore the Southern Ocean seafloor.

The BlueROV2, equipped with a GoPro HERO 10 – Quarry of Barges

When buying the BlueROV2 last year, we had no idea how much technical problems we would encounter. After 3 pool sessions (thanks to the David Lloyd and our dear Fabienne), multiple sessions in the “Vrouwenpolder” and the “Spuikom” (with thanks to Watersport Ostende Spuikom), a trip to Chile, another to Corsica and a final dive in the quarry of Barges, I think we pretty much discovered all possible problems and fixed them, learned about best practices and of course the importance of making check-lists (and reading them before departure…).

Let’s hope everything goes well once we’re there!


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