TANGO 1 in a nutshell

The Team is leaving tomorrow for the first expedition of the TANGO project, to the Grandidier Channel, in the West Antarctic Peninsula, onboard the RV Australis (A motor sailboat operated by Ocean Expeditions, Capt. Ben Wallis).

RV Australis, in front of Mount William. Photo: Bruno Danis (CC-BY)

TANGO1 is about understanding ecosystems responses to climate change in the Southern Ocean, and in particular trying to identify tipping points (at which ecosystems can drastically change in terms of structure and function) using a holistic scientific design.

Seastar, Odontaster validus. Photo: Quentin Jossart (CC-BY)

TANGO1 is about exploring areas which are poorly documented, understood and inventorized, in an informed fashion and yet are undergoing accelerating environmental pressure.

RV Australis during the Belgica 121 expedition. Photo: Bruno Danis (CC-BY)

TANGO1 is about coherence in terms of environmental impact. We want to lead by example, as we use a sailboat to carry marine science work in an extreme environment. RV Australis will allow us to reach particularly low levels of GHG emissions and habitat disturbance during sampling operations.

TANGO1 is about agility. Our sailboat allows us to reach shallow areas, and make fast decisions as we adapt to the conditions we will be meeting in the field.

SCUBA operations during the Belgica 121 expedition. Photo: Bruno Danis (CC-BY)

TANGO1 is about commitment. We pledge to be in complete immersion in the environment we will be studying as we are convinced this will contribute to raise awareness about the importance of nature conservation.

Working in the snow during the Belgica 121 expedition. Photo: Bruno Danis (CC-BY)

We are leaving tomorrow, crossing the Drake Passage to the Western Antarctic Peninsula for a month of fieldwork.

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